Equine Halo Salt Therapy Clinic

We are delighted to offer you Equine Halo Salt Therapy at the first and only Equine Salt Therapy Clinic open to you, the public. We have built a stand alone clinic in order for your horse to experience, what has previously been the reserve of private, trainers, show jumpers, eventers and show ponies.

We offer a drop in service where you can experience the benefits with your horse or you can take advantage of our livery service. When you believe greater benefits can be achieved by structured programme over a short period of time, this will also be an advantage to those travelling longer distances or are on a tighter working schedule. Your animals safety is of the utmost importance to you and us and to aid with this our clinic has extensive CCTV coverage with 24hr monitoring

Please contact us for more details on our livery option and packages

Our Salt

Our salt offers the benefit of higher levels of magnesium, potassium, and sodium, all major contributors to nerve and muscle function, healing and maintaining fluid balance.

Unlike “normal” salt, ours does not contain additives like bleaching, anti-clumping or anti-calking agents. It isn’t fortified with iodine, therefore it contains no unwanted trace minerals.