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Equine Halo Salt Therapy Clinic

For the first time in Ireland Equine Salt Therapy is now available for public use. This will allow your equine athlete to experience and benefit from the results seen in the private facilities

Salt Therapy has been used in humans for centuries and is a proven treatment for all types of breathing and skin conditions.

Equine Halo Therapy is presented by Complete Care Group Ltd. and allows horses to experience the amazing results humans have benefited from.

We have the most advanced Equine Salt Halo Therapy unit available to you, because of our extensive research, development, advanced technology, and practical experience.


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Within our bespoke design built chamber your horse can relax and fully enjoy and absorb the benefits of our therapy.

Depending on your design requirements, more than one horse can be treated within a session. During the treatment, the horse absorbs and inhales the salt through the two largest organs of the body being that of the skin and the lungs.

In our bespoke unit, we have a controlled climate through our research and development in conjunction with and guidance from the Irish Equine Centre and Dublin City University.

Our treatment is a long-term cleanse of the respiratory and integumentary systems.


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