About Equine Halo Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy has been used in humans for centuries and is a proven treatment for all types of breathing and skin conditions.

Equine Halo Therapy is presented by Complete Care Group Ltd. and allows horses to experience the amazing results humans have benefited from.

We have the most advanced Equine Salt Halo Therapy unit available to you, because of our extensive research, development, advanced technology, and practical experience.

Through our extensive research and supervised management of usage of our units we offer you the best results obtainable.

Through our extensive trials and experience in the equine field in all disciplines, we can advise you on the correct use of Equine Salt Therapy. This is essential to insure your animal/horse gets the safest and best results

We have installed our Equine Salt Therapy units for customers in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Kentucky, Florida, France and Dubai.

Trainers, studs, pin hookers, show jumpers and eventers have all seen the great benefits of our system with measurable results in their facilities.