Cyclo-ssage Massage​

We have a professional massage therapist on staff. A cyclo–ssage rug can be used as a therapeutic massage to enhance circulation in your horse, or it can be worn before or after activity. We can use the Cyclo–ssage massage rug in conjunction with the salt therapy to focus on your horse’s circulation and breathing at the same time.

The following are some of the advantages:

  • Overall performance has improved.
  • More smooth, stress-free movement due to increased stride length
  • Increased participation
  • Warm-up times have been shortened.
  • Recovery from travel-related stiffness is quick.
  • Increased lymphatic drainage/toxin removal
  • Reduced chance of muscular damage during work
  • Core strength has improved
  • Muscle stiffness is immediately reduced.
  • Reduced levels of mental and physical stress


Our massage rug may be used in conjunction with other therapies or on its own to provide a massage to your horse, such as after heavy exercise or as excellent practice.