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A Word About Salt Therapy

Simply put “Halo Therapy” is the use of dry salt, aerosol

microns and sub particles to treat the respiratory tract, the skin and lethargy.

Salt is sodium chloride also known as rock salt or mineral halite and is an ionic compound with the formula NaCI.

The two elements of salt – sodium and chloride – play a variety of very important and crucial roles in the horse’s body as maintaining the balance of their fluids which carry oxygen and nutrients.

Salt is also known as having anti-bacterial. antiinflammatory, mucolytic and hydrophilic properties hence assisting in killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, breaking down mucus, and humidifying the respiratory mucosa.

Salt plays a vital role in many aspects of equine health. Right now you have around 250g of salt (about a cupful) working to keep you alive and our horses need 9g of sodium and 36g of chloride. Without enough salt, muscles will not contract, food will not digest and the heart will not beat.